• Individual/Private (Recreational)
    • This category is for all individual/private users who would like to fly UAS/drones in the UAE for leisure (hobby).
  • Organization/Operator (Commercial & Non Commercial)
    • This category is for all organization/operators who would like to operate UAS/drones in the UAE for commercial purposes or for special operations e.g. photography, aerial survey, etc.

Requirements for an Individual/Private User (Recreational) (Click to Apply)

  • The user and UAS/drone shall be registered with the GCAA before flying.
  • All UAS/drones weighing 5kgs or less shall only be allowed to fly in the approved flying zone (i.e the green zone).
  • No video or image capturing devices shall be used when flying the UAS/drone.
  • No UAS/drones shall be equipped with drop or release devices.
  • UAS/drones flying range shall be within line-of-sight and not more than 400 feet above ground level.
  • UAS/drones shall fly only during day time and in good weather conditions.
  • UAS/drones shall be used for fun and not for commercial purposes.
  • The user shall be responsible to ensure the UAS/drones is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and it is inspected before commencement of flight.
  • No user shall fly the UAS/drones near public and/or private property.
  • No user shall fly the UAS/drones within 5 km of UAE airports outer fence, Heliports, Helicopter landing Sites, and airfields or in controlled zones.
  • Direct radio control link shall be maintained between the user and the UAS/drones;
  • Frequency Band Restrictions (29.7-47.0 MHz max power 10 mW, or 2400-2500 MHz max power 100 mW) shall be maintained.
  • UAS/drones user shall take into consideration the effects on radio communication, interference of the frequency used.
  • UAS/drones user shall avoid collisions with people, objects, other manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • UAS/drones user shall not harass or endanger people or threaten to damage property.
  • UAS/drones owner shall be responsible to inform the GCAA through the GCAA website when he/she intends to resell the UAS/drones.
  • If a UAS/drones accident or UAS/drones loss of control has occurred, the user shall immediately report the incident/accident to the GCAA on hotline: +971506414667 and E-mail: aai@gcaa.gov.ae.
  • All UAS/drones weighing above 5kgs and/or equipped with gas engine shall only operate within the GCAA approved flying clubs.
  • The minimum age to fly UAS/drones weighing more than 25Kgs is 21 years.
  • Registration Requirements for an Organization/Operator (Professional use)

Step 1: Register the organization and obtain the Unmanned Aircraft Operator Authorisation (UOA)

All Organizations/Operators who intend to operate UAS/drones in the UAE for professional use or special operations are required to submit the following documents:

  • All organization/operator shall obtain Security clearance issued by GCAA (Click to Apply)

Note: (for further assistance regarding security clearance please contact AVSEC team on Tel: +97124054492 or E-Mail: ITA@gcaa.gov.ae)

  • All organization/operator shall fill “UA operator registration letter”, the letter should be printed on company letterhead and submit it to drones@gcaa.gov.ae (Click to Apply)
  • All organization/operator shall subscribe in GCAA E-Publications service and send the evidence of subscription to drones@gcaa.gov.ae (applicable fee= AED 1,200) (Click to Apply)

SLA: Times takes to obtain Unmanned Aircraft Operator Authorisation (UOA) is 3 weeks subject to meet GCAA requirement.

Note: Obtaining UOA does not authorize the operator to fly the drone, please follow step 2 to obtain operational approval

Step 2: apply for operational permission

  • Once UOA is obtained from GCAA, organization/operator will need to apply for unmanned aircraft operation permission for each drone flying activity in red zone. (Click to Apply)

Note: regardless of the flying zone (red or green), organization/operator must apply for security clearance approval if their drone flying activity will involve the use of any capturing devices such as but not limited to (camera, video streaming, etc) (Click to Apply)

SLA: 14 working days

Note: (for further clarification regarding operational approval please contact ANA team on Tel: +97124054257 or E-Mail: ana.approval@gcaa.gov.ae)

  • Areal Work
  • Agriculture
  • Air Show
  • Fire fighting
  • Inspection
  • Media
  • Petroleum
  • Protecting Wildlife
  • Screening
  • Surveillance
  • Survey
  • Weather forecasting
  • UAS/Drones Flying Zones

    • To learn regarding allowable flying zones in the UAE airspace, you can use the mobile application UAE Drone Fly Zone which is available for smartphones.
  • For registration and requirements contact the GCAA Aircraft Registry Unit by email at drones@gcaa.gov.ae or by telephone at +97142111710 and +97142111526 (Sun – Thurs, 8am – 2pm)
  • ARTICLE 69:
    A term of imprisonment not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding fifty thousand Dirhams, or either penalty, shall be imposed on the following persons:

    • An owner or operator of an aircraft who caused it to be flown without an authorization or permit from the Competent Authority or prior to obtaining a certificate of registration or a certificate of airworthiness or after the expiry or revocation of such certificates.
    • Any person who has unlawfully piloted an aircraft or who has taken command of an aircraft in flight without holding the required certificate, licenses or authorizations require under the provisions of this Law.
    • Any person who has piloted an aircraft when drunk to such an extent as to impair his capacity to pilot the aircraft.
    • Any person who has caused damage to aeronautical communication facilities or navigation aids on the ground or who has not maintained such facilities in a good condition if required to do so.
    • A pilot-in-command who has failed to enter the required information in the documents or records of the aircraft or who has altered such information.

    ARTICLE 70:
    A term of imprisonment not exceeding three years and a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand Dirhams, or either penalty, shall be imposed on the following persons:

    • Any person who has piloted an aircraft or caused it to be flown without bearing the nationality and registration marks or displaying incorrect or ineligible marks.
    • Any person who has piloted an aircraft over prohibited area or has flown over any such area and has failed to comply with the instructions issued to him.
    • Any person who has not complied with an order to land his aircraft while in flight over the territory of the State.
    • Any person who has caused his aircraft to land at or take off from areas other than the designated airports or locations, or has flown the aircraft outside the designated areas, unless he has obtained a special authorization to do so from the Competent or Appropriate Authority.
    • Any pilot-in-command of an aircraft who flies without authorization over the territory of the State and carries on board such an aircraft:
      • Weapons, munitions of war or any other items the carriage of which is prohibited under national laws, or
      • Persons having the intention of committing an act of smuggling or felony, even if no such felony has actually been committed.
    • Any person who has refrained unjustifiably from complying with a request from the Competent Authority to Participate, within the limits of the means available to him, in the rescue of an aircraft or in the rescue of a person facing imminent danger as a result of an aircraft accident.